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1. What is the reason why the shrinking machine is heating up slowly or unable to rise to a higher temperature (above 160 degrees Celsius)?

Answer: the heater line is the main power cord passing through a magnetic switch and then to the electric heating tube, so we should first check whether the contact points of the magnetic attraction switch are normal. If the line does not pass through one phase, the above phenomenon will appear.

If the magnetic switch is normal, the meter can be checked again to see if the phase is the same as the ohm value of the machine. If normal should be short circuited, if all phases are connected, but the line or electric heating tube is still abnormal, the heater should be replaced.

Two. When LSA machine works, the membrane material is easy to offset and can not be fed normally. How can we adjust it?

Answer: in the L type model, if the film offset is encountered, the angle of the upper triangle can be adjusted to solve the problem by adjusting the position of the film roll and the tension balance bar ineffective.

If the upper layer material deviates from the clamping chain, the upper triangle can be adjusted clockwise, and the film material is deviated from the clamping chain, and the upper triangle can be adjusted to the counter clockwise direction.

Three. When the LSA-504C package is packaged in 6 bottles, the electric eye can not detect the package. When the machine is working, it is easy to cut the package. How should it be adjusted?

Answer: the gap between the bottles of the cluster package will affect the detection of the electric eye. At this time, the angle of the horizontal electric eye can be adjusted to a bevel angle. After adjustment, the possibility of detecting gaps between packages can be reduced, thereby avoiding the phenomenon of random cutting in the work.

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